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Safety Statement

First and Foremost

Our company is proud of our accomplishments and our standing in the construction industry. Our reputation could not have been achieved without the cooperation and dedication of our employees who are our most valuable asset.

As a company and as human beings, we have the responsibility of utilizing our resources and managing our jobs in a manner designed to prevent accidents and injuries to our employees and the public.

Accidents are preventable and our efforts to prevent them must be vigorous and continuous.

All of our employees are entitled to a safe place in which to work and an environment that reflects our consciousness of the importance of safe, healthful working conditions.

All levels of management are responsible for providing the resources and leadership in this program. We must be alert in recognizing hazards and act immediately to eliminate them. All of our employees are required to follow safe work methods and practices that will prevent injury to themselves and their fellow employees. It is only through this cooperative effort and awareness that we can eliminate accidents and the sorrow and hardship which they can cause.

Management hereby confirms its dedication to our safety program and urges your cooperation in making it successful.